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MAC Cosmetics – Hello Kitty Tie Up

28, March 2009

Launched in 1974 and popularized during the 90s, Hello Kitty is now a world-renown icon. The Hilton sisters, Cameron Diaz and Mariah Carey are just a few of the celebrities known to be fans of famously cute Japanese kitty This iconic brand is now collaborating with MAC Cosmetics on a new line of products.

MAC has generated two lines which play off of each other. These are the sweet and innocent "Hello Kitty Mild", and a more bold and edgy "Hello Kitty Wild". The lines are designed to allow women to express themselves in a whole new way, including new and improved colors, radiance, and textures. Innovative, stylish Hello Kitty print packaging and labeling are also attractive points for the new lines. The products will be available for a limited time in Japan beginning on March 19th.

March 19, 2009 Garbo

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