Japan Luxury Market Specialist

Japan Market Research & Consulting

Lux Research Japan is an independent Japanese market research agency based in Tokyo. We primarily undertake bespoke qualitative, quantitative, and desk research projects for domestic and overseas clients.

Our expertise is in luxury goods, travel, hospitality, and lifestyle sectors. We also have extensive experience in other categories, including, IT, telecommunications and FMCG.

We frequently conduct both consumer and B2B research.


  • Japanese consumers are responsible for approximately 30-40% of all global luxury brand purchases annually (JETRO)
  • Japan is second largest economy in the world and the largest economy in Asia, accounting for approximately half of region's economic wealth (CIA World Factbook/ Merrill Lynch).
  • Japan has the largest population of affluent in Asia and comprises 16% of the world's millionaires (Capgemini).

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