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Koransha And Eizaemon Fukagawa

12, February 2009

In a Koransha ceramics factory in Arita, on Japan's southern island of Kyushu, company president Noriyuki Fukagawa works to freshen up the product line-up of his premium Eizaemon Fukagawa ceramics brand. Commemorating 130 years of history, traditional Meiji Era design serves as the foundation for the brand's luxury ceramics, which capture traditional Japanese beauty.

Koransha style ceramics have been made in the Fukagawa family name since 1879. Company founder, Eizaemon Fukagawa, originally created the Koransha style, which is a combination Imari, Kakiemon, and Nabeshima ceramic styles among others. Eizaemon also participated in and won numerous international exhibits in Europe and the United States where his company's masterpieces were once displayed.

New products designed for revitalized line up incorporate elements from award-winning products of the past updated with modern flair. The goal is to create a new line of superior quality ceramics incorporating both modern and traditional Japanese design qualities.

Production of the current line began around three years ago. Since then, a total of 8 different products have been produced by the factory. One piece, the "Somenishiki-hisago-hatoumon-oobachi" vase, measuring 18x34 cm, integrates waves, whirling tides, cherry blossoms and maple trees on both the interior and exterior of the vessel to create a spectacularly detailed piece of art.

In addition to this, there are additional vases as well as kaleidoscopes and other items in the collection. Prices range from 1,600 USD to 63,000 USD per piece. The products are displayed in the company's showroom in Arita, Kyushuu.

February 12, 2009 Yomiuri Online

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