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Japanese Luxury Beauty Care Connoisseurs

January 15, 2009

Women in their 40s are garnering increased attention from Japanese luxury goods and services providers. Many women in this generation have continued to work full-time after marriage and children. They have relatively high disposable incomes and are increasingly looking to luxury goods and services providers for soothing, quality experiences.

The Japanese beauty care industry caught onto this trend in its early stages recognizing many women in their 40s place importance on the true quality of the product, as well as the degree of luxury felt when using it. To meet the needs of these women, many new products and services have been introduced in recent months.

Shiseido has introduced a new premium product line - Cle de Peau Synergiq. In September of 2008, 9 new products from the line were introduced. Skin cream, the anchor product, retails for approximately 1,200 USD, and if paired with other products such as a moisturizer, single purchases can easily exceed 2,000 USD. Nevertheless, one month after introduction the line's sales had risen 5%.

In June of 2008, Noevir introduced its "Speciale" line, with a skin cream starting at approximately 1,000 USD and a moisturizer starting at 400 USD. In less than two months, the company had surpassed their sales target of 30 million USD, with over half of the purchases having been made by women in their 40s.

Companies in many other sectors have recognized the increasing importance of this market and are developing products to match their tastes.

January 15, 2009 Yomiuri Online

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