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Luxury Bag Rentals Increasing In Popularity

January 08, 2009

Chanel and other luxury bag makers appear to be paying more attention to those who "act on impulse." Those who do impulsive acts, such as "visiting a hot spring" or "taking a short pleasure trip" with little planning have been found to hold a strong interest in renting luxury bags for their excursions.

Luxury bag rentals are becoming increasingly popular in Japan. This year online luxury bag rentals have been made to approximately 1,000 individuals with 500 added in the last quarter alone. Ironically, most rentals were not being made for one-time-use, such as parties or trips, as originally expected. Instead, the majority are rented for normal, daily use on a monthly basis. This begs the question, "why rent a bag for daily use rather than buy?"

One answer appears to be cost. A typical luxury brand hand bag normally costs in excess of 1,000 USD. However, a similar one can often be rented for less than 100 USD per month. In addition, during the rental period, the bags can be usually be exchanged as many times as desired. According to survey sources, Louis Vuitton items are rented most often, with Chanel, Hermes, Prada and Coach falling not far behind.

Surveys show that working females comprise half of this "rental" market, while stay-at-home housewives make up the other half. In addition, data has shown that women who have purchased an average

While rental system organizers are currently focusing on fashion conscious females as a main target for this new type of business, men's bags and accessories are also beginning to be factored in rental strategies.

December 31 Tokyo Walker

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