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Korean Cosmetic Brand Opens New Salon Hanbang Ginza 10/19/08 Grand Opening

October 16, 2008

Currently, the hot topic among Japans' cosmetics connoisseurs is the grand opening of the Korean Cosmetic store, Hanbang, specializing in utilizing ginseng as an ingredient in its' combination skin care products. The opening will be in the Ginza flagship location on Sunday, October 19th.

To heal the spirits as well as the skin of women, Hanbang's luxurious services will be made available in Ginza, Tokyo.

In ancient Korea it was made available as a high class, sophisticated medicinal product, and in today's society we hear about this product in everyday conversation, but on the first floor of the Toshiba Building in Ginza, Tokyo, Panax (Asian) ginseng is utilized in three designer brands brought to Japan by Hanbang of Korea.

1. For use on moist, shiny skin (Danahan)

In the past, Danahan received attention as one type of ginseng which was said to have had a large impact on the beauty of Korean women. The word Danahan carries the connotation, soft and elegant woman.

Aged red panax ginseng, along with 30 other natural beauty-enhancing ingredients

have helped to foster radiant, beautiful skin for countless Korean women. The Danahan series is one skin care series overflowing with nature's blessings.

2. To induce an overflowing sense of cleanness for skin (Zain)

Yet another variation of panax ginseng is used to create this wonderful product. Once again, the base is the special ginseng plant, with which seven other key plant/vegetable -base ingredients are added.

This skin care system contains two rare Chinese herbs which are mixed with Zain's ginseng to provide a luxurious luster sought by those who idolize the luminous radiance of Korean female skin.

3. To support aging care (Sanshin)

This final skin care series specially formulated to support healthy aging utilizes rare and expensive 110 year old mountain herbs combined with panax ginseng to create this successful combination skin care line.

Again, each item is specially formulated with only carefully selected essential ingredients to bring out and support healthy, elegant skin for aging women. This product has been specially crafted for those women who truly know and value the quality found in an excellent anti-aging/aging support product.

Web Magazine Openers Beauty News, October 16, 2008

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