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Kanebo Cosmetics to Produce a new aging foundation product for their "Dew Superior" line

October 09, 2008

Kanebo Cosmetics has recently developed a new, top of the line moisturizing foundation to add to their line of "Aging Care" products. The "Dew Superior" line will feature this base makeup series, and will become available on October 16 in 2008.

The target market for this new line will be the current decade of 21st century females who are seriously interested in aging care. Within this group, consumers are well aware of the importance of, as well as have ideas reinforced upon them concerning luxury foundation's quality, properties, competition within the current market, and gentle effects on the facial skin of the users.

The new series focuses on development of three main points. The first is the product's effect on gloss and resiliency. While producing a high quality lustrous effect, a lifting powder is also integrated to produce the desired effect of this line of products.

The second main point is the texture of the product. The products are developed to create a rich, thick, yet light feeling as they are absorbed into the skin. The foundation in particular feels extremely airy and light on the skin. The third and final point in this new product line is the feeling of moisturizing effect of the product. The ingredients include a host of natural extracts plus skin rejuvenators such as royal jelly, apricot seed, and glucosamine. Each time one uses the new line, they will be effectively rejuvenating and expressing their skin's innermost quality and beauty.

October 9, 2008 My Life Note

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