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Japan-Only Limited Edition Bvlgari Wristwatch

October 02, 2008

Italian luxury brand Bvlgari, has announced the limited release of a new wristwatch to the Japanese market. The new limited edition watch was developed specifically for the Japanese luxury goods market is not planned for launch anywhere else. The watch will run on a quartz battery, with a new custom face and bracelet design to infuse a fresh, modern image and feature the Bvlgari brand name.

The "Solo-Tempo" design theme was originally introduced as an entry model for Bvlgari in 1997 and quickly gained popularity with younger buyers after it launch. In terms of differences between this series and the original, the main differences lie in the re-designed face of the watch. The Bvlgari- Bvlgari double logo surrounds the face of the new watch with its' intricately placed minute markers.

In addition, the outer circumference of the watch where the Bvlgari logo is inscribed is constructed at a special slant, which, depending on the viewing angle, produces different visual effects. Three dimensional bars make up the watch index and increase the face contrast. Finally, a combination matte + gloss finish to the bracelet is provided to lend a sophisticated and luxurious atmosphere.

August 22, 2008 exite.ism

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