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Hiroshima Sogo Increases Luxury Offerings

August 20, 2008

The Hiroshima branch of premium department store chain Sogo has announced it will be expanding the amount of floor space dedicated to luxury brands. As part of a strategy to attract more customers, the department store's Hermes shop will be provided with 60% more sales space and relocated from the second to the first floor of the department store's new wing. The renovated Hermes shop will be the largest in Japan's central Chugoku region at 182.4 square meters, featuring clothing, women's and men's bags and leather goods and other assorted items.

Additional Italian and French luxury brand shops are similarly planned to be renovated or opened on the first floor of Sogo Hiroshima's New Wing in coming months. By November 2008, a combined total of 20 luxury brand shops will be featured in the New and Main Wings of the department store. With the addition of the new luxury brand shops, Hiroshima Sogo hopes to draw additional customers and build on its position as one of the main shopping attractions in Hiroshima's Kamiyacho district.

August 14, 2008, The Chugoku Shimbun Online

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