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Tobu World Watch Fair in Tokyo this August

July 23, 2008

On August 21 at the Tobu department store in Ikebukuro, forty-two watch making brands will gather for the largest watch display and sales event in Japan, the Tobu World Watch Fair.

Throughout the fair Swiss watchmakers will be present for discussion and demonstrations.

The watch fair, which began in 2001 and is now in its 8th year, will run until August 26th. This year 38 Swiss watch makers will be represented, along with 2 brands each from Japan and Germany. Many of the most prominent brands will participate, including Patek Philippe. And of particular note for watch enthusiasts is the attendance of the oldest watch making company in the world, Swiss company Blanc Pain, which was established in 1735.

Blanc Pain will also be taking orders for a watch which they are only producing 8 in the entire world.

Demonstrations will be held on various watch making techniques including August 23rd and 24th when technicians from Swiss company Vincent Calabrese will conduct a 30-minute informational session starting at 3pm on their newly designed models. And on those same days Blanc Pain will give a demonstration featuring the intricacies of metal work with gold and other metals.

July 16th, 2008. Mycom

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