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Kose aiming to bring Cosme Decorte luxury goods to wealthy overseas consumers

June 11, 2008

On June 9th Cosme Decorte AQ, the premium luxury brand of cosmetic company Kose, announced for the first time in eight years they will be making wide-scale change in their product line, including their lipstick and eye-shadow lines, among other products.

At the product launch party in Roppongi in Tokyo, company president Kazutoshi Kobayashi explained how they would like to become more of a global luxury brand and will be focusing on wealthy international consumers and as such indicated their ambition is to expand into overseas markets. By the end of the year Cosme Decorte anticipates that they will have already begun selling their products in China.

In the first quarter of this year Kose has already seen an increase in sales, similarly their operating profits for the first half of the year have increased by 11%. As well, for the first time overseas sales comprised 10% of the total sales volume.

June 10, 2008 Sankei News

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