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Among Japanese luxury accessory goods, wrist watches are set to be this season's main item

June 11, 2008

Combining western styling and precious metals, the wristwatch is said to be this year's symbol of high-end fashion in Japan. One of the main items being introduced this year for the fashion conscious and trendy Japanese is the Hublot Big Bang series Porto Cervo, which retails for about ¥1,722,000. Designed for women, the elegant gold and diamond watch is quite large, with a 38mm face. Moreover, the bezel features 6 'H' shaped titanium screws with a glass surrounding, and the final look of the watch is actually rather sporty.

And while it is an expensive watch, the unique combination of materials is quite attention grabbing and distinct. The red gold and diamond arrangement contrasts with the strap, which is made of white rubber while the side of the watch face is made of ceramic.

In true Hublot style the unique materials are combined in a bold and interesting way which gives the impression that it will capture the attention of those interested in the watch market.

Since their debut in 1980 Hublot has drawn a fair amount of attention to themselves as the Swiss watch maker with unique combinations of gold and rubber in their timepieces. The origin of the brand name itself is quite interesting, deriving from the word for porthole, while the watch face is designed to look somewhat like a porthole as well.

With appreciation for tradition and workmanship, while also showing consideration for functionality and enjoyment, the high-end luxury brand watch seems to be the fashionable luxury item catching people's attention this season in Japan.

Source: June 11, 2008 Sankei News

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