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Seiko's Credor combines elegant and luxury design with traditional Japanese esthetics

May 31, 2008

Japanese watch maker Seiko, in partnership with lacquer varnish firm Chon Yonboku, have announced their newest products from their luxury brand Credor. The new Credor design features a uniting of traditional lacquer craftsmanship and expert watch making. The new watch designs, ranging in price from ¥3,675,000 to ¥52,500,000 will be released in May and July of this year.

Credor is aiming to present to the world a fusion of traditional Japanese ideals of beauty and design, together with their own unique artisan skills. In this regard it is a sort of challenge to fuse the simple values of Japanese traditional cultural design with the elegant styling of a luxury watch.

With this year's designs then, Credor's identity lies in this pairing of Japanese views on beauty and art with high level craftsmanship. The subdued colors of the lacquer paint will last for many years without fading, thus lending a special prominence and beauty to the design.

Source: Mainichi Shimbun

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