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Increase in number of Japanese consumers buying their luxury brands online

May 14, 2008

According to a recent survey conducted by MyVoice online research, in the Japanese market luxury brand products are the most purchased items on the web with 45% of respondents having purchased these high-end brands. Clothing accounted for 20.8% while footwear, handbags, and accessories accounted for 19.5%.

However, in the previous year online sales were dominated by books and magazines, with more than 50% of respondents having purchased these products. Food and drink products took the next highest ranking with 47.6%. 44.7% had bought clothing online. Since a survey in 2004, there has been an increasing trend year by year of online shoppers buying more food products and reading materials, however the latest survey has shown that clothing is making modest increases as well.

AThe online shopping site Rakuten had the most users with 71.9% of respondents saying they had used it, while Amazon had 47.8% and Yahoo Shopping getting only 33.6%.

When it comes to gathering information on what they're buying 43.5% rely on customer reviews, while 35% use special ranking sites as a reference. 61% make their payments via credit card, with just 11.5% making a printout and paying in person at a convenience store, and 10.6% paying cash on delivery.

The survey was carried out online from April 1-5, 2008. 14,813 people responded, of which 46% were male and 54% female. 68% were between 30-40 years old.

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