Japan Esthetic Salon Survey

May 3, 2008

» Summary

  • 30% of respondents have been to an esthetic salon, of which 60% had gone for a facial.
  • 34% regularly go to the esthetic salon, while 40% do not go on a regular basis.
  • TBC and Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic were the most well known salons, with more than 10% more recognition than the next highest salons.

Top esthetic salons

» Background

  • Survey target: registered users of the internet community 'MyVoice'.
  • Survey method: Web based survey/questionnaire.
  • Survey time period: 2006 September 1-5.
  • Sample size: 12,882.


1. Current state of respondents.
Q. Have you ever been to an esthetic salon? (Excluding shiatsu massage, chiropractor, reflexology, sauna, and germanium bath)

Current state of respondents

  • 30% of respondents have been to an esthetic salon.

2. Question for respondent who have been to an esthetic salon.
Q: Please select the options which match your experiences. (You may select more than one option)

Question for respondent who have been to an esthetic salon

  • Facials were the most popular with an overwhelming 60% of esthetic salon users having had a facial. The next closest were hair removal, aroma massage, and relaxation massage with a relatively weaker showing at 30%.

3. Usage frequency
Q: Please tell us, how often do you go to a esthetic salon.

Usage frequency

  • For the most part, respondents went irregularly (40%), with about 34% going somewhat regularly. About 25% of respondents had only been once, either on their own or as part of a package.

4. Cost per visit.
Q: About how much does it cost per visit?

Cost per visit

  • 3/4 of the respondents paid less than \10,000, while 31.3% paid from \5001 - \10,000 per visit.

5. Satisfaction.
Q: For salons you are going to now, or have been to in the past, please choose the option which most closely corresponds to your overall level of satisfaction.


  • About half the respondents were quite satisfied with their salon experiences. 77.6% had their expectations either met or exceeded.

6. Esthetic salon recognition.
Q: Please select all the names you are familiar with (you may choose more than one option).

Esthetic salon recognition

  • TBC was the most recognized salon name with 83.7%, with Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic taking a close second place with 80.2%. Third and forth place were more than 10 points away, with the remaining salons much further down the chart.

7. Respondent comments.
Q: What are some of your beauty tips or things you are particular about regarding beauty?

  • Male, 30. "As much as possible I try not to be thought of as unclean or grubby"
  • Male, 30 "I try to consistently do many sit-ups, as I'm concerned about stopping my gut from becoming too big
  • Male, 66 "1. I do calisthenics every morning. 2. I wear cologne whenever I go out"
  • Male, 47 "I make sure to have a nice shave everyday. Also, I make sure my skin is clean and clear."
  • Female, 33 "I don't let stress build up in my life"
  • Female, 52 "Clean and suitable garments, as well as behavior and a dignified image appropriate for a person of my age"
  • Male, 42 "I'm kind of an older guy now, but lately I've been trimming my eyebrows, and of course my nose hair too!"
  • Male, 47 "I make sure my necktie is neatly tied, and my buttons are properly fastened."
  • Female, 27 "I try to live properly and eat vitamin rich foods".
  • Female, 54 "I take anti-aging supplements and watch what I eat, and I never skip out on going to the gym"
  • Male, 18 "I have an olive oil massage, then wash my face. I donft know if this is effective, but it really feels nice. After washing my skin doesn't feel stretched or worn."
  • Male, 30 "I take collagen."
  • Male, 43 "Everyday I don't just take a shower or bath, I soak in my tub."
  • Male, 50 "I take care to notice about bad breath or body odor."
  • Female, 24 "Occasionally I will go a day without using make up to give my skin a rest."
  • Male, 48 "I make sure to only put half my body in the tub at a time, to avoid dizziness."
  • Male, 51 "I care about my skincare."
  • Female, 32 "Regardless of the season, I take care not to suntan or sunburn."

Source: Translated from MyVoice.