International Airline Image Survey Japan

October 25, 2007

» Summary

  • 90% of respondents have used an airline before; approximately 40% have flown one time or more in the past 12 months
  • 72% of respondents flew for "Domestic vacations;" 57.2% flew for "Overseas vacations"
  • All Nippon Airlines (#1), Japan Airlines (#2) and Singapore Airlines (#3) were the top rated airlines for each of the following attributes: "Safe/Reliable," "High quality service," and "Would like to use."
  • "Reasonable price," and "Safe/ Reliable" were given as the most important criteria when selecting an airline.

Top airlines

» Background

  • Methodology: Online Survey
  • Timing: March1-5, 2007
  • Sample: 17,554
  • Source: MyVoice Online Internet community

Online Survey

1. Airline usage frequency (All respondents)
"How frequently do you fly on commercial airlines?"

Airline usage frequency

  • More than 90% have used an airline in the past. More than 40% of respondents fly at least once per year or more often.

2. Airline usage purposes (Past airline users)
"For what purposes have you flown?" (MA)

Airline usage purposes

  • "Domestic vacation"(#1), "Overseas vacation" (#2) and "Business (domestic)" (#3) are the main reasons respondents use airlines.

3. Past airlines used (Past airline users)
"Please select all airlines you have used in the past?" (MA)

Past airlines used

  • All Nippon Airlines and Japan Airlines are the most commonly used airlines, with approximately 80% of respondents reporting having used each in the past.

4. High Quality Service (Past airline users)
"Which of the following airlines do feel offer high quality service?" (MA)

High Quality Service

  • For "High Quality Service" All Nippon Airlines (ANA) ranked first at 47.8% while Japan Airlines (JAL) ranked second at 35.6%. Amongst foreign carriers, Singapore Airlines scored highest at 9.8%, with all other carriers far behind.

5. Safe Airline (All respondents)
"Which of following do you feel has an image for safety?" (MA)

Safe Airline

  • "All Nippon Airlines (ANA) ranked first with 41.7% of respondents associating it with a "safe image." Japan Airlines (JAL) followed in second place with 21.0% of respondents regarding it to have a safe image. Singapore Airlines placed highest amongst foreign carriers.

6. Airline Selection Criteria (Past airline users)
"Which of the following criteria do you consider important when selecting an airline?" (MA)

Airline Selection Criteria

  • "Affordable/ Reasonable price" was the most popular airline selection criteria (43%) followed by "Safe/ Reliable (37.9%). "Departure schedule" and "Direct flight to destination" were also popular selection criteria with approximately 30% of respondents selecting each.

7. Preferred Airlines (All respondents)
"Which of the following airlines would you like to use?" (MA)

Preferred Airlines

  • All Nippon Airlines (ANA) is the airline respondents would like to use the most, with over 50% selecting it.