Komehyo to Open Top-Level Store on Ginza Chuo-dori

Komehyo, a major reuse company which deals with luxury brand products, will open a new store along Ginza Chuo-dori on January 19. KOMEHYO Ginza Store, which has been operating in Ginza 5-chome since 2011, has been relocated. By opening a store in an area where many luxury brand flagship stores are located, the company aims to enhance KOMEHYO’s brand power and promote the KOMEHYO name to both domestic and international customers.

Although the sales floor space will be almost halved compared to before the relocation, the store will have a 544-square-meter sales floor on the first and second floors. The store will feature top-quality bags, apparel, jewelry, watches, and other items, and the average price per item will be the highest of all the company’s stores.

According to the company, customers now use both primary and secondary sales channels, and bringing their own items to a store for purchase has become an established option. The company aims to increase customer satisfaction by offering a high level of stores and services in the central shopping district of Chuo Dori.

(source) https://news.yahoo.co.jp/articles/925814a0b3f42cf7ac332b2fe913b6c8b020ef41