Luxury Hotel to Open in Prime Atami Location

Pearl Star Hotel Atami will open on September 26 in a prime location right in front of Atami Sun Beach in Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture.

Atami is a coastal hot spring resort in Shizuoka prefecture, on the east coast of the Izu Peninsula southwest of Tokyo, Japan.

The hotel’s selling point is “luxury,” targeting middle to senior class people in their 40s or older.

Standard rooms start at 70,000 yen per night, and all rooms have hot spring baths. In addition, all rooms are assigned a butler, a dedicated room attendant who takes care of guests.

Premium suite rooms start at 300,000 yen per night and include two twin beds, a Japanese-style room in the living room, and a fully equipped kitchen, as well as an open-air bath overlooking the magnificent Sagaminada Sea.

The local ryokan cooperative hopes that Pearl Star will occupy the top luxury hotel position that Atami has lacked until now and attract new wealthy travelers from in Japan and abroad.

It remains to be seen whether the opening of a large luxury hotel will be the catalyst for Atami’s revitalization in the Covid-19 disaster.