High-Priced Shampoos Popular Among Japanese Consumers, Investing in Beauty Hair

Japanese consumers are increasingly interested in beauty, influenced by their life with face masks for the Covid-19 disaster, and are increasingly choosing hair care products that emphasize functionality.

Drugstores’ best-selling shelves are lined with high-priced shampoos featuring plant-derived and hair-beautifying ingredients.

The selling price of hair care products has risen over the past five years. Especially among women in their 20s and younger, the average price of shampoo was 1,725 JPY in 2021, up 338 JPY from 2017.

The increased awareness of hair care due to the Covid-19 disaster is expected to take root, and competition based on quality and brand strength is expected to become even more intense for high-priced hair care products.

(source) https://www.nikkei.com/article/DGXZQOUC27DMY0X20C22A7000000/